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Our catalog

3 Reasons to train with QUANTICORH


Training should be an investment, not an expense; it should be just as useful to the company as it is to the individual. These are the reasons why we tailor our interventions to yourself and to your context.


Training is improving an existing skill. Real training is a personalized process based on your requirement, your preferred learning style and your need to be able to practice what you learn. We attach great importance to supporting our interventions.


We are building relationships, nourishing the envy to go further, setting off a self-training process, putting down tools and simple reflexes usable in the daily workplace ... But beyond these principles of intervention the evaluation criteria that we offer enables each contracting party to measure the gap filled by the intervention and the progress margins to consider.

We are working to ensure the terms of your progression.

Delivering with excellence !

Dates Location Theme Descritipn Duration Cost per person(CFA CEMAC)
23-24 October Brazzaville SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE: ALLY OF YOUR PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Manager is already not a simple task; it seems to be more complicated in the African context. If IQ is crucial to achieve the position of manager, the emotional quotient is also key to a successful mission. Check and use your emotional intelligence resources that will assist you in managing the performance of your team. 2 days 350.000
25 October Brazzaville JOB SEARCH TECHNICS Fitting into a company even after a skill training has become a real obstacle for many people. Yet around us, many cases of successful employability exist. What are the keys? Luck, networking, smartness or chance? 1 day 25.000
31 October Brazzaville BE READY TO SUCCEED AT YOUR JOB INTERVIEW You are shortlisted! being able to better manage the jitters, convince and convert any job interview into opportunity are what this program will help you achieve. 1 day 25.000
14-15 november Pointe noire CUSTOMER SERVICE, 1 GLASS WINDOW - JOB : FROM THE SATISFACTION TO THE ENCHANTMENT OF YOUR CUSTOMER A delighted customer is a loyal customer and your best sales representative. Besides that, it is more profitable to retain existing customers than to win new ones... 2 days 250.000
17 au 19 November Pointe Noire IMPROVE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT SKILLS Behind every good manager hides a competent and well organized administrative assistant or secretary 3 days 350.000
26-27 November Brazzaville WORKPLACE CONFLICTS Understand group efficiency and the role of manager / leader with different levels of maturation. Discern the part linked to the emotional and rational elements in a conflict. Master his own reactions in a conflict situation. Emphasize a positive strategy of conflict resolution 2 days 300.000
03 au 05 Décember Brazzaville TEAM-BUILDING Create links within a newly formed team. Strengthen relationships within an existing team. Breathe new life to your business and your performance 3 days 400000 Discover our Special Packages on quanticorh.com from September 8, 2014
16 -17 Décember Kintélé TOP MANAGEMENT CONTRIBUTION IN BUSINESS PERFORMANCE Come and enjoy a meeting between peers and share best management practices or current challenges for your business 2 days 450.000

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