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Are you looking for a good job?
Quantico RH is your ally!

The solution for the company

Do you want to hire and work with the best? Quantico RH will find them and position them at your disposal.

Human capital

Quantico RH accompanies you in the outbreak and development of your human capital.

The outsourced management

Play the outsourcing card with Quantico RH while keeping the lead in your main operations.

Entrust your HRM to the frequency that suits you, and thus lighten your workload, focusing on your core business with confidence.

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Recruitment & Headhunting

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Quantico RH, accompanies you in every step of the acquisition of your human capital.
Through the experience of our Managing Director, we have strong references in recruitment in all sectors in more than 10 countries in West and Central Africa, and we have tools and a Data Base of CVs provided which are regularly updated.

We offer a complete and attractive service that comes in 6 steps:

  1. Definition of need
  2. Finding of best candidates
  3. Screening
  4. Psychometric tests and interviews
  5. Establishment of a short-list
  6. Free personalized coaching during the trial period

Beyond the ability to completely confide in us throughout your recruitment process, we also offer you products or services for recruitment which can be operated internally.

  • Retrieving cv
  • Administration of psychometric tests
  • Support for selection interviews
  • Screening records
  • Situational test
  • Assessment center
  • Technical testing and practical

You are looking for the right person, we’ll find the right place and at your disposal!