The job seekers solution

Are you looking for a good job?
Quantico RH is your ally!

The solution for the company

Do you want to hire and work with the best? Quantico RH will find them and position them at your disposal.

Human capital

Quantico RH accompanies you in the outbreak and development of your human capital.

The outsourced management

Play the outsourcing card with Quantico RH while keeping the lead in your main operations.

Entrust your HRM to the frequency that suits you, and thus lighten your workload, focusing on your core business with confidence.

Surveys and Assistance HRAM

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Better equipped to more efficiency....

  • Development Manual HR / Collective Convention procedures
  • Performance Appraisal System
  • Social Audit / Skills assessment
  • Salary survey
  • Marketing and Business Plan

JPEGHave you made the point about your legal obligations? Where are you?
How about we carry on the monitoring of your staff, while you keep control of the operations!

If you aspire to be the man for the job, you must be well equipped.

  • Drafting and monitoring of employment contracts
  • Preparation and control of entry payslips
  • Management delays and absentees (vacation, illness...)
  • Monitoring overtime
  • Preparing briefings
  • Managing relationships with employee representatives, management of labour and employers
  • Rationalisation costs related to personnel management
  • Assistance in the establishment of registers and mandatory records
  • Assistance in compliance of your HR practices
  • Conventional legal and social monitoring
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